With Palangi's self promotion, dedication, and determination to his craft, his energetic live performances steadily grew his fanbase with online social media support. Frank has kicked down doors landing opening slots in North East Region with major performers such as: 3 Doors Down, Red Sun Rising, Buckcherry, Candlebox, Aaron Lewis (Staind), Starset, Kip Winger, Jack Russell's Great White, Lacey Sturm (Flyleaf), FUEL / Marcy Playground, TRAPT with Smile Empty Soul / Candlelight Red / Veer Union, Powerman 5000 with HEDPE, Stars Go Dim, Young Guns, HURT, Jess Malin (D-Generation), and indie acts Moriah Formica (The Voice), Madison Vendenburg (American Idol) IM5, Spiritual Rez, Prospect Hill, Bad Axis, Hindenberg, Sirsy, Deluka, Silversyde along with winning a slot in Upstate NY with the Rocknderby Festival featuring Megedeth, Shinedown, Dokken, Like A Storm, Coheed and Cambria and The Uproar Festival featuring Alice in Chains/Jane’s Addiction.

"After my 2017 "SET ME FREE EP" I was doing a lot of shows/opening slots and getting into more of the recording side which lead me to a year and half experience with producing,mixing and writing the 4th installment. I progressed and learned so much through that time through books, videos and interviews about mixing and with some upgrades to my home studio. The songs I always knew would be apart of the same CD double EP had to be similar but still new and exciting vs I Am Ready CD (2013). I teamed up with few of my favorites to work with from Lester Estelle (kelly clarkson) - Brian Craddock and Brandon Maclin from Daughtry for some studio work. I had self produced a single or two before but always working with producers and mixers on my main EP"s, this really made me step up and think about the whole process a lot more. This is more gritty and heavier than the "I AM Ready" release. No reason for it, just led me in that direction with the love of heavy rock. With my wide variety of influences, I did somethin more constant. "

Set Me Free EP (2017)
Inspired from the studio work on the previous single Break These Chains, Frank dove into mixing and producing the rest of the songs on "Set Me Free EP.” Mastered by Brad Blackwood (Three Days Grace, Korn) and Robert Venable (Twenty One Pilots, Megadeth). The single won two Akademia Music Awards, finalist in the the Unsigned Only Finalist, and Artist of the Year award from RadioWagman with two brand new music videos debuting on VEVO. It also aired on local NY's Time Warner Cable TV commercial and Local NY TV performances on Fox23 News, News Channel 13 (NY), LookTV, Plattsburgh Studio B TV, Crandall Library, and Prospect School/Center of Disabilities Telethon. Local newspaper features: The Albany Times Union, Saratoga Spotlight News, The Chronicle, The Poststar, Metroland locally winning of the "BEST IN THE REGION" awards for (Best Acoustic Solo).

Break These Chains (Single) (2015)
All of the live shows, songwriting, demo material, producing for local artists, voice overs, and acting kept Palangi busy. "One day a fan of mine messaged me and said “hey I got VIP tickets for a special 60 person acoustic performance by Daughtry, do you want to go?” I thought it would so cool to meet and see another one of my influences live. Chris Daughtry toured with Day Of Fire in the beginning of his career, and I handed a CD to Chris [Daughtry] like I had done to Josh Brown but it was his guitarist Brian Craddock who had been standing in the alley waiting for his limo as I went over and struck up a conversation. He mentioned he produced at the Cat Room Recording Studio and would listen. Feeling like I went full circle, I had that same feeling and reaction when he messaged shortly after, and I felt blessed to be planning out the 1st single “Break These Chains” that he produced.”

I Am Ready EP (2013)
The follow up EP, I Am Ready, was produced by Rob Coates (David Archuleta , Rich Redmond, Mark Wills), and received an LA Music Awards Nomination and coverage in Guitar World Magazine, Revolver Magazine, Front page on Music Now Magazine, Young Celebrity News, Middle TN Music and other publications. "I remember emailing Coates after hearing his work seeing what he'd think about us working together. It was different from the first recording experience in that I was recording parts myself and working digitally back and forth instead of being in person. It's amazin’ how all of these people on the project can work together without ever meeting. Working with musicians from the band "Pillar” — drummer Lester Estelle (Kelly Clarkson), guitarist Noah Henson (Brantley Gilbert), and others was another experience where it pushed me to learn and adapt quickly."

(Frank Palangi EP 2010)
In the start of 2010, fate crossed paths at a local nightclub (Upstate Concert Hall). Frank ran into Grammy Nominated singer Josh Brown (Day Of Fire, Full Devil Jacket) on tour. "I was a bit nervous handing my demo over to Josh, being he is one of my biggest influences. I remember him walking by the merch table and me standing there with my dad, and turning around and him saying ‘did you need somethin?". Josh heard the raw potential and drive Frank showed and then caught the ear of his Nashville producer, Rogers Masson (Vintage Trouble, Marylin Manson). After receiving a surprising phone call three days later, plans were well on their way for Palangi to travel to Nashville TN to record his 1st five song EP (Self Titled, 2011) in the music mecca. Masson states, “This is the baddest rhythm section in the land (Day Of Fire), and along with the vocal guidance from Josh Brown, Frank’s songs are going to turn out amazing."

Frank says, "The first EP was a blessing working with all the members of the band, and Rogers pushing me to see the industry side at work. I felt a platform to stand on and drove me to pursue new opportunities from breaking into national shows, press, steady gigs, internet and local radio play."

Additional self-produced projects — Every Rose Has It's Thorn (Acoustic) (2019) Escape from NY Theme (2019), Halloween Theme (2018), Terminator Theme (2018), Purple Haze (2018), Frank Palangi EP acoustic (2017), I Am Ready EP acoustic (2017) — Hope (2014) — drummer Michael McManus (Saving Abel, 12 Stones, Scott Stapp) — with mastering engineers Gavin Lurssen (Robert Plant, Foo Fighters), Reuben Cohen (Rob Zombie, Snoop Dogg)

Palangi has been featured Top 10 charts on station shows including Rock Rage Radio, Cygnus Radio, Crim Radio, Dead To Self Radio, Radio Wigwam, Indie Star Radio, Boston Rock Radio, Loney Oak Radio, Maximum Threshold Radio and many other rock internet radio shows.

Bring On The Fear EP (2020)
Set Me Free EP (2017)
Break These Chains (Single) (2015)
I Am Ready EP (2013)
Frank Palangi EP (2011)

Metallica, Megadeth, Ozzy, Creed, Godsmack, Three Days Grace, Drowning Pool, Day of Fire, Fuel, Daughtry, 3 Doors Down, Breaking Benjamin, Goo Goo Dolls, Rev Thory, Shinedown, Full Devil Jacket, Judas Priest, Def Leppard, Bon Jovi, Hinder, Hoobastank, Led Zeppelin, Powerman 5k, Johnny Cash and film composers like John Carpenter, Brad Fiedel.

"I have no plan b in backing down on my dreams."

He fuels a refreshing natural positive ambition that serves up a feeding frenzy of edgy, heavy guitars, with deep n gritty vocals. His beliefs and personality is one that doesn't give up on however long it takes. His all rounded style tips the hat on the past 30 year evolution of the 80s & 90s rock & post grunge with heavy metal.

Determined by accomplishing his goals, he says "I had no plan in backing down on my dreams". His life's mission statement. Many people get discouraged when things get rough or take longer that expected but Frank has an admirable stubbornness to his tenacity of not giving up. The big choke in the music business is that you think you'll become an over night success fast, that's not the case. He understood music is both a business and passion with relentless work, rejection, and a bit of faith. He's had the good fortune to work with industry producers and band members from Hole, Daughtry, Saving Abel, Pillar, Kelly Clarkson , Day Of Fire along with opening in the north east for national artists such as 3 Doors Down, Fuel, Trapt, Kip Winger, Buckcherry, Candlebox, Aaron Lewis, STARSET, Lacey Sturm, Powerman 5000, Jack Russell's Great White and a bunch more. Frank Palangi was born with the drive of rock flowing through his veins.

Currently he expands his music ability with teaching guitar lessons in between recording and mixing other solo artists and bands with a bit of film work/acting on the side. "All of these are great positive creative outlets to keep myself motivated." Frank new with his passion he was willing to work. The stereotypical rocker rocknroll lifestyle of (partying) as you may think are not in the cards. He doesn't drink or smoke and believes in bringing his dreams into reality.

In the early days with a solid support system from his parents, Frank's career started on a path of the unsigned artist releasing the 2011 debut self-titled "Frank Palangi EP". Influenced by bands from the 80's (Metallica, Ozzy, Def Leppard, Megadeth), 90's (Creed, Godsmack, 3 Doors Down), 2000's (Daughtry, Three Days Grace, Shinedown), he sculpted his musical motifs in the music mecca Nashville, TN. Then came "I Am Ready EP' - to the (Self Produced) "Set Me Free EP" and "Bring On The Fear EP".

BEST OF THE BEST Daily Gazette 2019 Runnerup
UK Radio Wigwam Best Male Artist 2018
2015/2016/2018 Akademia Music Awards Winner
Unsigned Only Semi-Finalist 2015
2015 Best Local Solo Musician - Metroland
2013 L.A Music Awards Rock Single Nominee
2011/2012 Best in the Region - Post Star