Vanessa Martin    

He's very patient and the way he conducts his lessons make it easier to learn

Mike Sullivan    

My 14 year old son actually takes the lessons. I can say this, my son typically likes to try different things none of them for very long. Hes been with Frank since March. Plays just about every day. Mostly at a loud volume but he plays everyday and cant wait for his next lesson. Frank teaches real world guitar. Nobody wants to practice scales all the time. My son was playing a riff of song after the 2nd lesson. I can not give a higher recommendation.

Ryan Gregory    

Frank is the best guitar teacher I’ve had! His ability to identify where you are at, no matter if you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced player, is astounding. Definitely would recommend him to anyone

Laney Theis    

Frank is awesome! I've learned a lot since starting lessons with him and can't wait to continue :-)

Patrick DiCaprio    

Instance connection and comfort for my 14 yr old. Frank has been extremely flexible and understanding with our nearly impossible schedule. Look forward to having Dylan work with him for as long as needed!!

Debonnay Meyers    

I’ve always wanted to play the drums. Frank has handed that opportunity to me & I’m so thankful for him teaching me. I’m still a current student under him as we speak. He’s very thorough but he also knows what your weak points are and help you work on them. 10/10 vote for me.

Mollie Milkiewicz    

Frank is a great teacher -He does a great job with sharing his talent with new learners.

Bo Hyde    

Frank actually takes the to work with you one on one and helps you with small techniques to help master your skills. Rock On Frank!

Samantha Burg Aly    

Frank is a great teacher and cares about his students. Very patient and helpful throughout the learning process. Would recommend him for all levels, not just for beginners.

"Nothing is more rewarding than seeing one of my students develop a passion for music! Each student progresses at his or her own pace and there is nothin wrong with that. Going over somethin again and really focusing in on it is not a bad thing. Focus is also key with a student. Acknowledging accomplishments helps fuel a students desire to progress, and makes students eager to learn more. I stay personable and positive with my lessons and inspired by a recording type studio environment. Thank you very much. Hope to hear from you."

​​I'm a rock recording artist doing music full time for 12 years from opening for national artists, playing solo gigs to recording artists.

I'm easy going and like to  teach the "real world" way of learning acoustic or electric guitar. Over 20 years of playing - If your looking for classically book training, I'm not the guy to go to but I do hit on some of those core ideas. 

- Teaching from online or home since 2018 from 7 years old students up to 60 years of age.

- 6 Months teaching at North Country Guitar (Queensbury, NY - 2019)

Gradulated from Queensbury High School with some college from Sunny Adirondack & 1 year Boces training & Guitar ensemble course from Berklee Music.

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One Room Lesson - supplied with cords / amps.
Student will need a blank or music staff notebook and their instrument