Nominated Artist 2013




BEST OF THE BEST - Daily Gazette 2019

"Using powerful vocals layered on driving, upbeat rock and roll, Palangi brings a fresh sound to modern rock." – NYS

Frank Palangi : Singer - Songwriter - Guitarist

Audio works have included musicians
-Brian Craddock/Brandon Maclin:Daughtry

​- Allen Benetar - VURE
-Zach Simms, Joe/Chris Pangallo:Day of Fire 
-Josh Brown: Full Devil Jacket/Day Of Fire/A New Rebel
-Lester Estelle: Pillar/Kelly Clarkson
-Noah Henson:Pillar/Brantley Gillbert
-Michael McManus:
12 Stones/Saving Abel/Scott Stapp 
-Other Musicians: Scotty Derrico, Lauren Strange, Joe Carroll, Christina Christian

Producers Rogers Masson - Rob Coates

- Brian Craddock - Robert Venable

Live Band has includes Bo Hyde, Jacob Davis, Greg Auffredou

"Frank is an amazing young artist with a very clear and focused direction... Frank knows who he is! A killer singer and guitar player, Frank Palangi is an artist to watch out for!" – Brian Craddock (Daughtry) 

"If you haven't heard or seen Palangi - this is one positive rocker to check out and share with your friends."– Unsigned Music Awards

"For years, local musician Frank Palangi has been getting a lot of attention in the Capital Region for his rock 'n' roll guitar chops,"

                                  - Times Union

​Awards Winner 2015/2016/2018

Endorsement deals with WB Gear — (InTune Guitar Picks Inc., Best-Tronics Pro Audio, SIT Strings, BigBlends, Prestige Guitars, GuitarGifts4U, Mental Case), Spector Guitars, Beatstone, Slappm, Kyser Musical Products (Artist support program), Dirtbag Clothing, Revv Amps, Rock Stock Pedals, CAD Audio.



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Top 10 Local Region​

He's had the good fortune to work with industry producers and band members from Daughtry, Saving Abel, Pillar, Kelly Clarkson , Day of Fire and others. He's open for acts such as 3 Doors Down, Fuel , Trapt, Kip Winger, Buchcherry, Candlox, Aaron Lewis, Starset, Lacey Strum and a whole bunch more.Frank Palangi was born with the drive and rock flowing through his veins. He expands with teaches guitar lessons to continue the craft to the next generation in between recording, writing, tracking, mixing, and film work/acting. All the creative outlets and keeping positive, Frank new that great things would come if he was willing to have the passion to work for it. He isn't the stereotypical rocker with the rocknroll lifestyle you may think they are viewed as. He'd rather bring his dreams into reality.


| Singer | Songwriter | Guitarist | Musician | Rocker : Home grown New York indie-rock recording artist with NO PLAN B.