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 featuring 13 tracks covering releases "Frank Palangi EP" - "I Am Ready EP" and bonus singles "Falling Too" and "Hope"

Featuring "Set Me Free" EP

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Frank has written and released three EP's plus acoustic versions receiving an LA Music Awards Nomination for I Am Ready

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The "I AM READY" CD locally in NY: 

Play It Again - Aviation Mall

Mia Pizzeria - Queensbury

Hudson River Music Hall - Hudson Falls

Saratoga and Queensbury F.Y.E stores

​Finders Keepers Consignments - Glens Falls

​Darkside Records - Poughkeepsie

BullMoose - Salem, MA 




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After releasing his debut EP, it grew into two new self released EP's (I Am Ready, Set Me Free) plus 5th year anniversary acoustic versions. I Am Ready 2013, produced by Rob Coates (David Archuleta , Rich Redmond, Mark Wills), received an LA Music Awards Nomination and coverage in Guitar World Magazine, Revolver Magazine, Front page on Music Now Magazine, Young Celebrity News, Middle TN Music and others. "I remember emailing Coates after hearing his work seeing what he'd think about working together. It was different from the first studio experience in that writing and recording parts myself and working digitally instead of in person were involved. It's amazin how two people can work together with never meeting. That part was new to me and working with musicians from the band "Pillar - drummer Lester Estelle (Kelly Clarkson) and guitarist Noah Henson (Brantley Gilbert). The EP expanded Palangi's local airplay, internet rock radio, press, music videos and national shows. 


In the start of the new decade, 2010, fate crossed paths atUpstate Concert Hall, a local night club, with handing off a 2 track demo to Grammy Nominated singer Josh Brown (Day Of Fire, Full Devil Jacket) on tour. " I was a bit nervous handing my demo over to Josh being he was one of my biggest influences for singers, I remember him walking by the merch table and me standing there with my dad and turning around and him saying did you need somethin?" Josh heard the raw potential and drive and then caught the ear of his Nashville producer, Rogers Masson (Vintage Trouble, Marylin Manson). After receiving a surprising phone call 3 days later, plans were well on their way for Palangi to travel to TN to record his 1st 5 song EP 2011 in music mecca. Masson states, “This is the baddest rhythm section in the land (Day Of Fire), and along with the vocal guidance from Josh Brown, Frank’s songs are going to turn out amazing." Frank says "The first EP I was blessed with the experience working all the members of the band and Rogers pushing me to see and get involved with the industry side. I felt a platform to stand on with the support and drove me to pursue new opportunities from breaking into national shows and press, steady gigs, internet and local radio play." 


“This is the baddest rhythm section in the land, and along with the vocal guidance of singer Josh Brown (former Full Devil Jacket singer) , Frank’s songs are going to turn out amazing.” - Roger Masson (Producer/Audio Mixer) 


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"I Am Ready brims with creativity, remolding mainstream music and knocking out thought-provoking lyrics while sharing his positive outlook through his music. Palangi lends new energy and new life to the airwaves with melodies that speak to his audience." -Guitar World Magazine

When time came for his third installment EP there was a longer 5 year gap inbetween projects. Playing shows, writing songs, recording demo material, producing local artists, voice overs, acting kept Palangi busy. "One day a fan of mine messaged me and said hey I got VIP tickets for a special 60 person acoustic performance by Daughtry, do you want to go? I thought it would so cool to meet and see another one of my influences. Chris Daughty toured with Day Of Fire in the beginning of his career and I handed a CD like with Josh Brown off to Chris. It was his guitarist Brian Craddock that was standing in the alley waiting for his ride and I went over and struck up a conversation. He mentioned he produced artists at the Cat Room Recording Studio in VA and would listen to the music and get back to me. Feeling like I went full circle, I had the same feeling and reaction of him messaging me soon after and then blessed to be planning out the 1st single Break These Chains he produced. "With being inspired from the studio work, Frank tipped his hat mixing and producing the rest of the songs on "Set Me Free EP" 2017. 

Awards Winner 2015/2016/2018


"Frank’s natural talent and certifies that he can write songs that compete with the big boys of rock." - Jamsphere Magazine. 


"Keep Em Cold"


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