"Hi there! I'd love to get started on your project - feel free to reach out with pricing and ideas you have. \m/ #ROCK - #METAL - #HARD ROCK - #POP ROCK


3 Hour Recording Blocks (IN PERSON)

Guitar - Bass - Vocal - Tracking​ - Midi - Reamping

Single - EP Mixing (ONLINE or STUDIO)

1 mix supplied up to 2 re-edits (MIX A, B, C) for base price

Single - EP - Album Producing - (VARIES)

I will produce your song start to finish, & mixing even if you have recorded the material




Zoom Audio Interface

PC Based

MICS: Shure - Sm57s - SMbeta 58 - KSM 44 - 57LE

- Avalone CV- 12 

Blackstar 2X12 Cabinet - Line 6 Head - Amp Sim Software

Mesa Boogie pretwin amp

​Racktron Bass Pre / Vox Amp

ESP, Ovation, Spector Guitars

Art - Ashley - BBE - ADA - Cloud - Custom Pre's

Mackie Monitoring

​Alesis Midi Keyboard

PEDALS - Digitech Tone Driver - Vox Wah - JOYO Drive - 

Direct Boxes - Radial - Mackie

Radial Reamping - Switch Boxes

Digital Drums (Alesis strike pro SET and Software MIDI)

Guest Spots:

Autumn At Dawn - Best Part Of Me

TR Remsen - Deal With The Devil

Royalti Virtue - Negativity 

Bo Hyde - Licks and Strings/ We Are One / Paralyzed 

Between Now and Forever - Diary of Jane

Recorded, Mixed, Produced, or Score Work with

Brian Fitzgerald, Jordan Nankey, Jared Bentley, Bo Hyde, Greg Auffreduo, Brandon Fronk, Cameron Gallagher, Rob Hungerford, Rachel Reed, Alicia Bautista, Erin Powers, Sarah Bogran, Ryan Clark, TR Remsen, Brandon Oropallo, Jared Curtis, Josh Opitz, Lindsey Meade, Joshua Gill, Blinky Productions (Chris Notarile), Archangel Productions (Michael Kazlo), Jay Ruzicka, Aaron Lambert, Total Entertainment, Brendan Bradley 

Frank has done recording and "rock" score work for several indie film maker's projects as well as his own films throughout the years in his home studio. 

His recreation of a track is in the film Non-Transferable from Brendan Bradley that won "Best Travel Feature" at the Travel Film Festival 2017 - "BestProdutionDesign" at the L.A Music Awards  and nominated for a "Streamy Award"

Endorsement deals with Radial Engineering, CAD Audio,  Spector Guitars, Dirtbag Clothing, WB Gear — (InTune Guitar Picks Inc., Best-Tronics Pro Audio, SITStrings, BigBlends, Prestige Guitars, GuitarGifts4U, Mental Case, Revv Amps, Rock Stock Pedals), Kyser Musical Products (Artist support program)